White Wedding Dress

For brides that value tradition and love a classic look, you can’t go wrong with a white wedding dress. And contrary to people’s belief, a white wedding dress can be edgy! By choosing a more classic base, you can go bigger with the embellishments and design elements. So, if you’re a bridge that loves bling, lace, or big trains, a white dress won’t distract from whatever you want the main focus of the dress to be. White dresses can also vary in shade, from a more muted eggshell to a vibrant ivory, so your choices with a white dress are truly endless.

An additional advantage of white wedding dresses is that they go well with every skin tone. You may have to adjust the shade of white to complement your skin’s undertones. However, with just a small amount of trial and error, you can find a white wedding dress that brightens your look without washing you out.

While the old days of a white wedding dress representing purity and innocence are long gone, white wedding dresses still carry a rich history of tradition and meaning behind it. White is most often associated with light and goodness, and who doesn’t want their wedding to be a light and joyful occasion? By choosing a white wedding dress, you can respect tradition while adding your own special flair to keep it modern. It’s truly a classic you just can’t go wrong with.

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