The answer to that question is a resounding “YES!” Black wedding dresses have definitely entered mainstream bridal and we are seeing many more brides taking a bold approach on their special day by wearing them.  We always tell our brides, “It’s your day!  If this dress makes you feel like a bride, then say yes to that feeling!”

You can wear any color shoes with a black wedding dress. Your hem will float just above the floor, no one will be able to see your shoes, so if you want to dress it up or dress it down, choose what suits your personality and comfort the best!

Boho, or bohemian, style wedding dresses tend to be mostly lace. These dresses can have a variety of sleeve types, usually have a low back, and have very soft structure to achieve a beautiful mix of rustic and whimsical romance.

Here at Jana Ann Couture, we have a host of dresses in all different silhouettes and styles. Since wedding dresses for the beach are especially popular here in San Diego, and we are a wonderful place to shop for one, with several racks full of options specifically for beach wedding dresses.

Bustles can seem daunting, but they are generally actually very easy. During the alterations process, your seamstress will show you how to bustle your dress.  We always recommend that our brides bring a friend or family member that the seamstress will teach.  We also suggest videotaping the process to speed the process along on your special day.

Mermaid wedding dresses are never out of style! They are such a classic silhouette and complement so many figures beautifully.

Mermaid wedding dresses can be a bit restrictive in your range of motion, but the style of dress won’t limit your ability to enjoy your dance floor with your guests.

While San Diego is fast becoming one of the biggest bridal hubs in the country, and there are many places to shop for your wedding dress, here at Jana Ann Couture we have truly set ourselves apart from the rest of the industry with our care and attention to detail that we provide to each of our brides. We have built a team and company structure that redefines the space in which we work and our brides are always achieve their wedding dress dreams here!

Jana Ann Couture carries a large selection of wedding dresses that range from $800 to $1200.

There are so many fun ways to take your dress from being “simple” to a glam statement! One of the beautiful things about a classic clean dress, is that it is a blank canvas, and is ready for you to impose your personal style on it.  Your hair, jewelry, veil, and shoes are all fun ways to add some glam, but for even more drama, consider a cape or even a detachable dress topper/overlay skirt.  These extra pieces will really help you achieve the overall look you are going for.

Our seaside Del Mar showroom has several racks of simple dresses, ranging from silk crepe to Italian silk satin.

There are a few ways to make a strapless wedding dress more modest. One of the most popular ways is to add a neckline piece to the dress.  Another common way is to fill in the plunge with more lace.  What you choose for your dress and how you make it modest will really depend on the dress and your overall aesthetic.