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We carry dresses of every size, shape, fabric,
and style. Best of all, every single dress can be
customized to your tastes.
Jacqueline H
“Jana really does care about the bride and of what she wants.”
Jacqueline H
“Jana really does care about the bride and of what she wants.”

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“Jana really does care about the bride and of what she wants. I felt like I was with family while dress searching alone.”

- Jacqueline H.

“The quality of her work is impeccable; super detailed and everything is made to last”

- Anne Q.

“Jana listens to her brides, she keeps them comfortable and validated. I never felt pushed into anything. The best San Diego bridal shop and Custom Wedding Dresses”

- Sarah A.

“I'm a plus size bride. Feels like a dream. Can't get service like this at big chain stores.”

- Sonia B.

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Jana’s Inspiration

“The inspiration for my bridal gowns is to awaken the bride’s innocence and joy. The bride’s inner feelings and creativity are reflected in the gown she wears. The gown is a means of expressing the bride’s dreams for her future life. When the bride walks down the aisle, it is a magical moment.

The bride is a reflection of the spirit and, as such, a source of inspiration, renewal of hope and faith for everyone who looks at her. When a bride wears my gowns, she feels joyful, confident, satisfied and beautiful. She projects all of these qualities to the people that surround her and she will be etched in everyone’s memory forever.“

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