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Congrats on your engagement! If you’re checking out wedding dress styles, you’re probably about to go dress shopping. This is great. Doing some research before you head out is one way to ensure that you find your perfect dress faster.

Wedding dresses, like other dresses, come in many different styles. The style you choose will affect how you look on your special day. So as a bride, you must take this decision seriously and commit to finding a wedding dress style that works for you.

Are you wondering what steps you can take to find the right wedding dress style? We’d love to help with that. Here are some important tips to keep in mind when choosing your wedding dress style. 

How To Find Wedding Dress Style?

One advice that experts give brides trying to find their wedding dress style is to take a look in their wardrobe. While you may have a variety of clothes, you will have some favorites. What do these favorites have in common?

Sometimes, finding the clue to your wedding dress style lies in the kind of clothes you like. To enjoy a particular fit, you must look good in it, and it should probably be comfortable too. These are key factors you will also apply to find the right wedding dress style for you.

Types of wedding dress

Once you get a sense of the kind of styles that look good on you, it’s time to apply that to wedding dresses. You’ll need to use websites like Pinterest and other bridal catalogs for this. The goal is to find the terms used to describe wedding dresses that look like your favorite kinds of dresses. Once you find the wedding dress terms and names for the kind of dress you look, put them down. With this, you can make a list you can use while shopping. Then it is only a matter of using price and actual testing to narrow down your list to the perfect wedding dress style.

What Style Wedding Dress For My Body Type?

Every woman in the world falls into four body types. Please note that some women could also be a mixture of more than one. These body types are the Pear, Hourglass, Apple, and Rectangle. Your wedding dress style will look different depending on your body type. V neck styles with bias cuts are great for ladies with the apple body type. In contrast, women with the hourglass shape will look great in a sheath or wrap dress. A-line dresses are great for women with the pear body type, and women with the rectangle type will look great in dresses with frills.

What Are The Different Styles Of Wedding Dresses?

You may find them going by many different names, but wedding dress styles fall into six general classes. Most of the other name variations come from the fabric used to make them or the designer. The six main wedding dress styles are the A-Line, Trumpet, Column, Mermaid, Tea-length, and ball gown. Please note that the trumpet wedding dress style is also known as the fit and flare. The ball gown wedding dress is sometimes called a princess style too.

What Is The Most Popular Wedding Dress Style?

When it comes to brides, the most popular wedding dress style is the ball gown. We understand why this lovely dress style will make you feel like a princess on your wedding day. It is also ideal for most body types. The ball gown style has a bodice that is fitted and a full skirt giving it a boisterous look. You can wear this in white or any other color for your celebration. However, brides with small frames should watch out as this dress can look a little overwhelming. Wedding dress silhouettes are just another name for wedding dress styles. So don’t go into panic mode if your bridal store uses this term. They’re talking about the same styles that we mentioned earlier. To reiterate, we’ll list them below and include some less popular silhouettes too. The silhouettes are the A-Line, Trumpet, Column, Mermaid, Tea-length, and ball gown. Some experts also include the empire, high low, jumpsuit, midi, mini, pantsuit, separates, and slip wedding dresses. The last options are more modern and are for a daring bride.

In Conclusion

Finding the right wedding dress style for you can be challenging. Important details to remember are your body type and your favorite dress style. Your wedding theme could also affect the kind of style you choose. For example, you cannot wear a mini dress for a classic wedding. Going with some of the knowledge we’ve shared in this post is one way to make your shopping easier. So, feel free to mark down some important ones if necessary. They’ll help you communicate better with your bridal shop and find the perfect dress. Best of luck! Here at Jana Ann Couture, we stock amazing wedding dress styles and other bridal accessories. Have you found the wedding dress of your dreams yet? We’d love to help you choose a dress you’ll be proud to show for the rest of your life. Contact us today and set up your appointment.

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