Trending Wedding Dresses


Are you planning to go wedding dress shopping? Then it’s important to know the recent wedding dress trends. They’ll help you understand what to look for, especially if you’re planning a modern-themed wedding.


Knowing the trending wedding dresses is also important if you can’t seem to make up your mind. Exposure to a wide range of dresses will expand your horizons as long as you keep your mind open.


So what wedding dresses are trending in 2022? We made a list of the styles you can expect. In this post, we also share some important tips on finding the perfect dress for your wedding.



How to Find Trending Wedding Dresses?

You’re in luck because we’ll be sharing some popular ones here with you. A simple search online or on websites like Pinterest will also show you the wedding dress in season. You can also check websites like the Knot, Yelp or Brides to find trending wedding dresses.


How to Choose Trending Wedding Dresses?

Interested in choosing a trending wedding dress for your celebration? Then there are some important factors you should keep in mind. One of those is your personality. For example, are you a daring bride, or would you like something more modest?


Another factor to keep in mind is the wedding dress style or silhouette. You should also know your body type. This helps you choose which style would look amazing on your body. Women generally fall into the apple, pear, hourglass, and rectangle body types.


Next, the season when you have your wedding matters. Summer weddings call for breathable fabrics and dresses that are not too cumbersome. However, you can still wear what you want if you’re having your wedding in a temperature-controlled venue.


Finally, your wedding location matters. Are you having a destination wedding? Please keep the location and its weather in mind when choosing a trending wedding dress. Is your wedding at a beach location? Wearing a trending wedding dress that is long and flowing would probably not work.


Lastly, you need to know your wedding theme and pay attention to your venue.


What Is the Most Popular Trend Wedding Dresses Style?

The most popular trend wedding dress style is the ball gown. It is easy to see why this dress will always be in style and why brides love it. You’ll look and feel like a princess if you choose to go with this wedding dress style.

Ball gown wedding dresses have a fitted bodice and then flair out immediately in a full skirt. This wedding dress silhouette looks amazing on most body types. You can wear it in different colors and add beautiful embellishments too.

However, brides with a petite frame might have to stay off this wedding dress style. It can be a little overwhelming on brides with small frames. The A-Line dress is a close alternative that will still look amazing on your body.


What Are The Different Styles Of Trending Wedding Dresses?

2022 has seen a lot of fabulous trending wedding dresses. Most of them are influenced by the media. Even the pandemic that led to a trend of more relaxed weddings played a part. Here are some of the different styles of trending wedding dresses.


Vintage Dresses

These wedding dress styles are elegant, most likely made of lace, and have beading for a timeless look. The Bridgerton Series probably influenced this style, but vintage wedding dresses will always be in style.


Two-Piece Suits

This chic look is daring, and we’ve loved it this season. We also love that they’ll allow you freely dance the night away at your wedding reception.


Colorful Wedding Dresses

Who says your wedding dress has to be white? Choose a style you like and go with colors ranging from off-white to blushes. Most trending colorful wedding dresses we’re seeing this year are coming in lovely pastels.


Mini Wedding Dresses

As weddings get more relaxed, we see shorter and shorter wedding dresses. We’re seeing brides step out in tea dresses and ballerina styles, and we love it.


Boho Wedding Dresses

Another result of more relaxed and fun weddings, boho wedding dresses can be so beautiful. They are mostly made of lace and give the effortless laidback look that many brides love. The best way to approach this dress is to think of it as a white dress with a slight bridal touch.


In Conclusion

Knowledge of the recent trending wedding dresses is important for a bride. It’ll help make your wedding dress shopping easier and more enjoyable. If you’re planning a modern wedding, it can also help you decide which dress to go for—best of luck.


Here at Jana Ann Couture, helping brides find the perfect wedding dress is our mission. That’s why we stock great designs and are always ready to help with advice and tips. Let’s talk about your dream wedding dress. Contact us today!

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