Wedding Dresses with Sleeves

Sleeves on a wedding dress? You might be having flashbacks to an earlier time when women weren’t allowed to bare their shoulders. However, you might be surprised that weeding dresses with sleeves can actually be a bold and elegant choice for the modern bride. Sleeves can translate to modesty, but they can also translate to a daring fashion choice, as well as a weather-sensible choice! Brides of all shapes and sizes can look fabulous in a wedding dress with sleeves.

Wedding dresses with sleeves can be appealing for countless reasons. Perhaps you want to take inspiration from your mom’s wedding dress, or it may be a way to honor your religious beliefs. Whatever your reasons are, we don’t think a wedding dress with sleeves should be limiting in any way!

Wedding dresses with sleeves can be paired with long, flowing trains or a subtle mermaid tail. The sleeves can be long, short, quarter-length, cap sleeves, and more. With sleeves you’re adding another layer of intricacy into your dress that you can fully customize. Love lace? You can add lace sleeves to your dress. Love an off the shoulder look? You can choose an off the shoulder dress with matching sleeves. Keep the dress high-necked or deep-plunged. The possibilities are countless. And the best part is whatever you decide, we’ll be able to design for you.

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