Sweetheart Neckline Wedding Dress

The sweetheart neckline is a staple that has remained relevant for many years. Featuring a heart-shaped cut that helps accentuate your curves or create the illusion of curves, brides can feel flirty and confident in a sweetheart neckline wedding dress. Sweetheart necklines are flattering on most body types and draws the eyes upwards, toward your collarbone and face. Since you’ll be spending so much time and effort on your hair and makeup, you probably won’t be complaining when all eyes are on you.

Sweetheart necklines get their name because the curves of the neckline resemble the top of a heart, and we think they are just perfect for weddings. They are romantic, sexy, and quite traditional at the same time. Sweetheart necklines pair well with simple bodices and a high back so the front of the dress can be the center piece. But they are also so versatile that they complement just about any silhouette.

Sweetheart necklines had their moment back in the 1960s when Marilyn Monroe, the sultry fashion icon, popularized the trend. Since then, the neckline has remained a classic when it comes to wedding dresses, prom dresses, and other formal wear. You can find the sweetheart neckline on red carpets and runways galore. Maybe the next time you’ll see this feature is at your dress fitting at Jana Ana Bridal Couture. For brides that are looking to enhance their curves, a sweetheart neckline wedding dress is the first step.

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