Straight Wedding Dresses

Contrary to popular belief, twists and turns are not only synonymous with movie plots, live views of shows. Sometimes, the elegant appearance of a bride being given away to her night in shiny armour in a lovely dress can make necks twist and turn as the multitude of well wishers try to catch a glimpse of her. You just can not get enough of her.

The Straight Wedding Dress Silhouette follows the pattern of a narrow shape. It flows from the neckline straight down to the hem without a stop over. The Straight Silhouette has the innate tendency to hug the body and accentuate every curve it comes across. With a little modification, the Straight Silhouette can serve any kind of wedding. It makes the groom fall in love with his bride all over again. Sometimes, a little better than when their love first happened.

In a culture where it is a popular belief amongst the majority that anything straight has to be archaic or can not be beautiful to behold, it is noteworthy that the Straight Silhouette has a different statement to add to that line of thought and hopefully make a global change. That statement says, even in the straight and seemingly plain or bland things, beauty lies. Well, the beauty beholder has to have eyes that have been trained to see rightly and clearly.

Those who wear the Straight Silhouette best are slim, either short or tall brides. Did I say there is no hope for the plus size bride? No! The Straight Silhouette may indeed best suit the slim ones but a confident plus size bride can as well wear this beautifully with a little professional touch. The Sheath Silhouette’s artistic nature gives a plus size bride a taller appearance or outlook to the viewers. Many have wondered to our pleasure if the bride grew taller overnight. Do leave that to us at Jana Ann to deal with.

The Straight Silhouette may not be able to hide undesired areas except as earlier said, a little modification is made to suit the body perfectly as it is. The Straight Silhouette cannot accommodate unwanted excesses too. But we have got you covered. We will suit your taste, just paint your desire!

Get ready to glow with pride everywhere you go as the air will tell the world the secret. Let them know that Jana Ann is the only place where the most beautiful brides get styled.