Wedding Dress Silhouette

Have you ever attended a wedding ceremony and you got fascinated with the type of dress the bride was putting on? Did you try to figure out the name of the dress? Did the image of the dress continue to appear on your mind until you went online in search of it? Did you even go ahead to make a sketch of it? Did you, in fact, carry the sketch to the shopping mall, where they showed you a clearer sketch, a more precise silhouette? Yes, a silhouette. Well, look no further. You’ve been searching so long. At Jana Ann, your fascination is satisfied! The hunger for your perfect wedding dress is quenched. Your dream is brought to life.

Here, at Jana Ann Bridal Couture, we have several Wedding Dress Silhouettes all for your satisfaction and pick. The best of everything you can imagine is found here. This sole reason has brought us into limelight and given us an outstanding edge over any other bridal shop you may want to consider. Our reputation cannot be debated. We are simply the best at giving you the classy and elegant look you’ve always envisaged for your perfect beautiful day. This has only been possible because as we style, cut and sew, we have only you, on our mind.

Being aware of the fact that most designers do only the direct opposite of your dream, we are here to save you from any grief whatsoever.

A Wedding Dress Silhouette is the sketched shape or outline of a desired piece. Jana Ann can give you your exact description even from many miles away with your specification. The testimonies from our very many clients are enough proof. What wedding dress design does your heart long for? The lace mermaid? Mermaid? Fit and flare? Ball gown? Sheath? A-line? Trumpet? Straight? Do you want to have an extra touch of excellence to it? Would you like to add a strap or two? Would you like a change of neckline, lower/increase the neck/back cut? Would you like sleeves to be added or removed? We have you all covered.

Irrespective of whatever size of bride, our signature of comfortability, uniqueness and classiness is not lost. It screams from our various Wedding Dress Silhouette. We have all of your day in mind. We take your hairstyle, hair pieces, and budget into consideration as we style. Nothing can stop us from helping you realize your dream.

With Jana Ann, you are one concern short. We give only the best. Shine!

Beach Bohemian Wedding Dress

Finding the Dress that Best Suits the Bride’s Character

In choosing a beach wedding dress, there are many things you have to take into consideration, of course, you’ll have to match the bride’s personality with the dress, a significant aspect of the whole ensemble. The fact that she planned out a beach wedding, it’s proof that the bride’s a free-wheeled eccentric woman. She should decide on a beach wedding dress that showcases her style, a semi-casual ensemble that’ll make her shine throughout the whole ceremony but at the same time accommodate the class and devotion of the entire ceremony.

Keep in mind the weather; the heat can be intense on the beach. It is advisable to use light, flowing fabrics for the beach wedding dress to make sure that the bride is comfortable during the whole ceremony and reception. If the temperature suddenly drops at night, providing a light jacket or shawl that matches the dress can be very practical to keep the bride snug.