Wedding Dress Silhouette

It’s time to go wedding dress shopping. Are you excited? Finding the perfect dress for your wedding is important. It’ll affect how you feel about yourself the entire day. Some wedding dresses even become heirlooms that are passed down to future generations.


Does wedding dress silhouettes sound strange? Have no worries, another term for it is wedding dress styles. So, whenever you hear a stylist or your bridal store say silhouettes, you can know they are talking about the style of your wedding dress.


Finding the perfect wedding dress silhouette is the key to finding your ideal wedding dress. To get to this point, however, you need to know what kinds exist and which look good on you. In this post, we discuss wedding dress silhouettes and share important tips on how to find the right one for you.


What Wedding Dress Silhouette Is Right For Me?

Your body type is one thing to remember when choosing your wedding dress silhouette. All women fall into four body type categories. They are the apple, pear, hourglass, and rectangle wedding types. Each of these body types has silhouettes that they look good in.


So, to know which wedding dress silhouette is right for you, look into your body type first. If you know yours already, then you’re good to go. You can also make finding the right silhouette easy by looking at the characteristics of your favorite clothes.


Types Of Wedding Dress Silhouettes?

To know the right wedding dress silhouette for you, it is important to know which kinds exist. That way, you’ll be better able to understand and communicate with your bridal store or stylist. Here are the six main types of silhouettes you’ll find when it comes to wedding dresses.


Mermaid Wedding Dresses

You’ll love how sleek and sexy the mermaid wedding dress looks. This silhouette comes fitted from the chest to the knee and then flares out beautifully. If you’re looking to showcase your curves, this is the silhouette to go for.


Sheath Wedding Dresses

Sheath Wedding Dresses flow straight down from your neckline to the hem. If you have a lean frame or are the athletic kind, this might be the silhouette for you. Its narrow shape also makes it great for brides with the hourglass body type looking to flaunt their curves.


Ball Gown Wedding Dresses

The Ball Gown Wedding Dress is the most popular for a reason; you’ll look like a princess in this silhouette. It comes with a bodice that is fitted and a full skirt. This wedding dress silhouette looks great on almost all body types too.


A-line Wedding Dress

An A-Line wedding dress is similar to but more flowy than a ball gown wedding dress. They, however, have a bodice that is fitted to the waist, and then the dress cascades to the ground. A-Line wedding dresses look amazing on all body types.


Fit and Flare Wedding Dresses

As the name suggests, the fit and flare wedding is fitted through the body and flairs out mid-thigh. It looks like a mix between an A-Line and a mermaid silhouette. Petite brides and brides with an hourglass shape look fabulous in this style.


Straight Wedding Dresses

Straight wedding dresses come with a narrow shape and look great on brides with a lean frame. The flair with these dresses is with the necklines or the arms. Straight wedding dresses also come in many fabrics and are ideal for tall and slender brides.


Wedding Dress Neckline and Waistline

Your wedding dress neckline and waistline are just as important as your wedding dress silhouette. Most times, you may need to modify these to make your dress the perfect dress overall. To do this, you’ll need to see that the waistline or neckline you choose complements your dress.

Some necklines include the halter neck, square, scoop, strapless sweetheart, and strapless curve. For waistlines, you can choose between the dropped waist, natural waist, empire, illusion, or more.


Veil and Hair Pieces

When choosing a veil, some important things to consider are the length, color, material, and even your wedding venue. For example, you don’t want to choose a long flowing veil for a beach venue. You might spend your entire ceremony trying to keep it from flying away.


Choosing your hairpiece is a bit more complicated as you’ll first need to know your hairstyle in advance. Make sure to view your hairpiece from all angles, too, to be sure it looks great. The color of the hairpiece is also important; remember, everything should work together in harmony.




Finally, the best wedding dress for you is one that suits your character. This is the only way you can ensure you are comfortable and happy on that special day. There is no need to go for something modern and daring like a mini dress if you know it’s out of character for you. Comfort is as important as looking gorgeous on that day.


Have you found the perfect silhouette for your wedding dress yet? Here at Jana Ann Couture, we specialize in breathtaking and special wedding dresses. We’d love to help you find the perfect wedding dress. Contact us today!




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