Veil and Hair Pieces

Was there a wedding you attended and you did not see the bride on a Veil? Have you ever attended a wedding where the bride used no Hair pieces? Yes? Well, if your answer to those questions are in the affirmative, that wedding was not complete. No wedding is complete without a beautiful Veil with a complementary Hairpiece.

There’s this royal look that accompanies every veiled bride. Or is it just me? There’s an air of regality cum class that every bride, with a veil on, exudes, even with no crown on the head. Only the veil and beautiful hairpieces can give those typically animated hot princess looks. Even though the Veil is a little piece added to your chosen silhouette, the veil adds extra beauty to the overall appearance of the bride.

To whatsoever silhouette you have chosen as it suites your shape, body and size, a Hairpiece and Veil adds nothing less than a perfect touch of royalty to your classic special look.

Based on hair types and hair styles, consult us, here at Jana Ann to help modify, beautify or adjust your Veils and Hairpieces to suit your head shape and hair style.

Hair pieces enhance the hairstyles such that the beautiful bride cannot go a feet unnoticed.

Very many a time, you find it hard to blend your headpiece with your chosen silhouette. No need to worry, making a way out of your dilemma is our utmost goal.

Did you know, that not all combs and Veil can be styled together? Yet, it is our aim to have a sight where the veil and headpiece look as one and fit effortlessly. Just a few tips for your personal consumption (make an appointment and you will get a full session and the attention you need from Jana Ann herself).

The width of the bridal comb should be greater than the width of the wedding veil. Why?. A drop veil showcases the hairpieces and updo. Do you have an idea on what a drop veil is? No? Book an appointment. In one meeting, your questions are professionally answered.

Did you know, that with a full veil and smaller comb, you will be one of the most beautiful bride that has ever graced mother earth?. Just one appointment with Jana Ann. You bring your worries, we give you laughter. That’s what we do. As there is no two way to it, if you need help, ask and you will recieve. We have your budget in check.