Colored Wedding Dress

Colored Wedding Dresses San Diego

Whoever decided that white wedding dresses should be the standard for all brides clearly haven’t met our more colorful brides to be! Add a pop of color to your day and maybe even make your dress your “something blue” if you’re feeling especially bold. Go against the grain and choose a colored wedding dress that reflects your unique personality and tastes. There’s no better way to stand out from the crowd. Besides, it’s your big day so no one can tell you what to wear!


Be bold, be unique, and be completely you. Browse our wide selection of colored wedding dresses available at Jana Ana Bridal Couture in San Diego and beyond. If you don’t happen to see your desired color combination below, simply get in touch with Jana Ana Bridal Couture to order a custom made or custom dyed dress to your liking. Nothing should stand in the way between a bride and her favorite color—not traditions, superstitions, or naysayers.


Lead the pack and choose whatever colored wedding dress your heart desires.


Your colored wedding dress in San Diego is just waiting to be created.

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