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White Wedding Dresses San Diego

In recent times, colored wedding dresses have become quite popular. We’re seeing brides choose lovely blushes, pastel blues, and even black wedding dresses. While all of these are great, white wedding dresses are still timeless and in style.

White wedding dresses became popular after Queen Victoria wore one for her wedding in 1840. Since then, we’ve seen many lovely styles and versions of white wedding dresses at weddings. Here are some of the reasons why brides opt for white wedding dresses.


White Wedding Dresses Are Sleek

Nothing is as beautiful as a bride gliding down the aisle in a white wedding dress. White wedding dresses are sleek and come in many styles. You can get an elegant, romantic, relaxed, or royal look, depending on the type of fabric you choose.

If you want to look sleek and sexy on your wedding day, how about a sheath white wedding dress? One made of silk would look great, especially on a bride with an hourglass figure. You could also opt for a mermaid white wedding dress.


White Wedding Dresses Are Elegant

White wedding dresses are also quite elegant. A white wedding dress with a ball gown style will have you looking like a princess at your wedding. So will a fit and flare wedding dress. You can use these dresses for a classic or romantic wedding.

Another white wedding dress style that is elegant is the A-Line wedding dress. This dress style looks fabulous on brides with body types. You can find white wedding dresses in this style with fabrics like lace, chiffon, crepe, and tulle.


White Wedding Dresses Are Unique

The fact that your wedding dress is white does not mean it has to look like that of every other bride. There are many unique white wedding dress styles out there. If you want something even more different, you could also pay a designer.

Another thing that makes your white wedding dress unique is you. No two brides are the same. While your dress might be by one designer, the carriage and fitting will bring subtle but noticeable changes. Your carriage while in the dress will also do the same.


White Lace Wedding Dress

Lace is a timeless fabric for wedding dresses. A bride in a white lace wedding dress would look timeless, unique, and elegant. For a simple, bohemian, classic, luxury, or romantic wedding, you can wear one.

While lace wedding dresses can be a little expensive, brides who choose them say they are well worth the cost. Lace will always be in style; many years later, you and your family will look at your wedding pictures and smile.


Off White Wedding Dresses

If you love the concept of the white wedding dress but aren’t quite a fan of the meaning behind the tradition, how about an off-white wedding dress? This kind of dress is almost white and has either ivory undertones or other subtle shades like champagne.

Many brides looking for unique wedding dresses tend to go for an off-white wedding dress. They believe white and ivory are too common and choose this dress in any style they wish. Off white wedding dresses are the next most sought-after dresses after white and ivory.


Simple White Wedding Dresses

Are you planning a simple and relaxed wedding with only the people that mean the most to you? Then how about a simple white wedding dress? Simple white wedding dresses are inexpensive but remain gorgeous.

A simple white wedding dress might not have too many embellishments. That doesn’t mean that your dress would not still look beautiful. A lovely sheath or trumpet-style white wedding dress would still turn heads at your wedding.


Short White Wedding Dresses

Are you planning a boho-chic wedding or having a beach wedding ceremony? A short white wedding dress would be just perfect for a wedding like that. Short wedding dresses have also become more popular as more and more people choose to have a relaxed wedding.

Short wedding dresses could also be mini or midi length. The right length for your celebration depends on your wedding theme and your vision for your event. However, one thing about short white wedding dresses is that it’s the perfect dress to party in. You’ll have a fabulous time at your wedding reception.


White Long Sleeve Wedding Dress

Weddings in the winter or the fall are the perfect celebrations for a white long sleeve wedding dress. But you can also wear a white long sleeve wedding dress for all sorts of weddings. They are the perfect elegant dress for your celebration.


White Beach Wedding Dress

White beach wedding dresses are the best for brides having a tropical wedding. They create a wonderful contrast with the sand and the ocean. You’ll look beautiful in all of your destination beach wedding photos.


Plus Size White Wedding Dress

Are you a plus-size bride? You can find a great plus size white wedding dress for your celebration. Some of the styles that plus size brides love to go for include the A-line style and the empire style dress. The key is to choose a dress that flaunts your gorgeous curves. You’ll turn heads as you walk down the aisle.


White Mermaid Wedding Dress

There are few dresses as majestic as the white mermaid wedding dress. This is one dress that embodies elegance, grace, and beauty effortlessly. You’ll love fabulous in this dress. Most brides who choose to wear a white mermaid wedding dress choose a fabric with embellishments for more flair.


Finding The Dress That Best Suits The Bride’s Character

No matter what kind of white wedding dress you wear, it is important to choose a dress that suits your character. Your wedding day is a celebration of your love with your partner. You deserve to be in a dress that you love. So, when trying out your wedding dress, make sure it feels right before you choose it. Best of luck!


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