Off White Wedding Dress

Eggshell, Ecru, Cream, Champagne—your husband-to-be may not be able to tell the difference, but he won’t be complaining when he sees you walk down the aisle in the perfect off-white wedding dress. Off-white wedding dresses can give your dress a more bohemian or outdoorsy feel. You might not be into the idea of a crisp white princess dress. That’s not everyone’s dream, and that’s okay.

About Off White Wedding Dress

Many brides feel more comfortable with an off-white dress for a variety of different reasons. Brides may not subscribe to the “white as symbolic of purity” tradition and would rather take a modern spin on the tradition and don a cream dress. Off-white dresses are also practical, as they will be able to hide dust or grime that gets on your dress, because let’s be honest, we all experience minor spills here and there. Off-white will be more forgiving. Lastly, off-white dresses can help bring out your skin’s undertones, leading the ensemble to be more complementary than a stark white. Off-white wedding dresses fit in nicely with spring and summer weddings, since they appear more natural than a pure white dress. Cream dresses come in a variety of shades so there’s no shortage of options. You can even do an off-white overlay on top of a white dress to mute the starkness of the dress and add some floral designs or embellishments. Of course, you have a better idea of what your wedding dress will look like, so come into Jana Ana Bridal Couture to bring your dream dress to life. We’d love to create an off-white wedding dress in San Diego for you today.