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The search for black wedding dresses has gone up in the past year, and we love it. This trend means that more and more brides are doing away with traditional wedding rules. We are one brand that has always believed that your wedding day is a chance to showcase your true selves. If you want to do away with tradition and rules that have no meaning to you, go ahead!


We also love this trend because black wedding gown are chic and dramatic. They are edgy, bold, and also represent nobility. There’s a reason why nearly every woman has that little black dress in her wardrobe.


Besides, black has been related to weddings differently for a long time. Some grooms go for a suave black suit for their wedding. We also have black-tie weddings where guests are expected to show up in the most formal attire.

For this post, we’ll be taking a look at black as a color when it comes to weddings. From a black wedding dress to black tie events, here is our take on black and weddings. We’ll start with the advantages of wearing a black wedding dress and also share some types of black wedding dresses.

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Finding the Dress that Best Suits the Bride’s Character


When it comes to choosing the perfect wedding dress, your character matters. For most brides, choosing a black wedding dress isn’t really about making a statement. You could do it just because you like the color.


Our advice will always be to wear a dress that you are comfortable in. It is your wedding day after all. So, if you put on a black wedding dress and feel like this is what you’ll be looking for all your life, then go for it! It’s the best decision you’ll make.


Are you looking for the perfect black dress for your wedding? We have it right here with us. Here at Jana Ann Couture, we believe every bride deserves to find the right dress for her wedding. Contact us today!


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Can you think of anything else that evokes that old Hollywood red carpet glamor? A black wedding dress is sure to bring attention. These dresses are sleek and make you feel like a superstar. Some brides also wear their black wedding dress for their reception.

Black is a color that brings to mind elegance and class. A black wedding dress does the same. Picture yourself gliding down the aisle, the very picture of sultry elegance. You’ll stand out, which is one way to have a memorable wedding. All your wedding pictures will exude the same grace.

With a black wedding dress, you don’t have to worry about your wedding being a run-of-the-mill celebration. Your dress is sure to make your celebration stand out. Your guests won’t forget it for a long time. Black wedding dresses are unique and will make your celebration stand out.

A black lace wedding dress is a chance to look edgy, unique, and bold. If you’re planning a Halloween wedding, this could be just the dress for you. Black lace wedding dresses are also great for brides having a bohemian or boho chic wedding.

As a plus-size bride, a black wedding dress will keep you looking cool, stylish, and unique. Your black dress could be a long number with lace and tulle for a timeless look many will love. You’ll get this otherworldly ethereal look many will remember long after your wedding.

When it comes to black wedding dresses, gothic black wedding dresses are the most beautiful. They give you the chance to look elegant, unique, and chic. Choose from ball gown, mermaid, and A-line dresses designed to blow the mind of everyone who witnesses your ceremony. This black wedding dress style is perfect for a classic, castle, or Halloween wedding.

Mermaid wedding dresses make a bride look and feel sexy on her wedding day. Add that to the unique elegance that a black wedding dress brings, and you have a winner. Your black mermaid wedding dress will make you look like a queen.

Black long sleeve wedding dresses are the perfect choice for the modern bride. Brides who have a wedding in the fall or winter could also choose to wear a black long sleeve wedding dress. The elegance, uniqueness, and beauty would make the perfect statement.


You can wear a black beach wedding dress, but you must do so at the right time. For example, we would advise against a black beach wedding dress in the dead of the summer. It could, however, work beautifully for an evening fall wedding. The fabric of your dress also matters.

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