Black and White Wedding Dress

Can you think of a color combination more classic than black and white? We sure can’t! Black and white contrast perfectly with each other, creating a bold and eye-catching look. Whether you want to go with a white base and black embellishments or a black base with white features, you will look both elegant and edgy on your big day.


About Black and White Wedding Dress​

A black and white wedding dress also means that your dress can complement your hubby-to-be’s tuxedo and maybe even the color scheme of your wedding as a whole. This color palette will go extremely well with a classic, formal wedding. If you’re in love with wedding dress embellishments, you may also want to consider adding black embellishments onto your dress to make them really stand out. Sometimes its those subtle features—lace, flowers, and patterns—that really make the dress. So why keep it subtle? Show off those features that you love so much to your guests and loved ones. There’s no point in having embellishments if you can’t see them!


You can really create a statement with a black and white dress, or you can keep things more traditional. It’s completely up to you. All we can say is that black and white will never go out of style. Maybe your wedding dress can even be repurposed one day into something new. Anything is possible with a black and white wedding dress.

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