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Red Wedding Dresses San Diego

There are few colors that are quite as sexy as red. In a study, when men were shown pictures of a woman in red clothing versus blue clothing and asked which woman was more attractive, an overwhelming majority chose the woman in red. This had led to a popular belief that wearing red makes you more attractive—meaning a red wedding dress could be an incredibly flattering choice.


Wearing red on your wedding dress is not only bold and sexy, red is also synonymous with love and passion. Common symbols of love are typically red—red roses, red lipstick, red hearts. By choosing to wear red, you’ll fit right in with the theme of your special day.


Choosing a wedding dress color that “goes against the grain” is sometimes a hard choice. But you have to keep in mind that the tradition of wearing white occurred somewhere around the 1800s. Times have changed greatly since then, and you’re allowed to make your own trends. Individuality is highly respected in modern times, so you should wear whatever makes you happy.


Red dresses were the norm in Russian culture before Queen Catherine’s wedding, proving yet again how trends come and go with the times. Lead the pack with a vibrant, red wedding dress that may just inspire yet another bride to follow suit.


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