Red and White Wedding Dress

If you love the sultriness of red but don’t want to give up the tradition of wearing white on your wedding day, why not combine the two? You can’t go wrong with bold red embellishments or a red sash. With Jana Ana Bridal Couture, you have complete control over how much or how little red to incorporate, meaning you can keep it as simple or as complex as you’d like!


About Red and White Wedding Dress

Red will fit seamlessly into your wedding them, since red is the quintessential symbol of love. Beyond that, red also adds an element of surprise to your typical black-and-white themed wedding. Black and white might be safe, but it’s been done so many times. Don’t be afraid to add that pop of color. Red embellishments are also a fun choice for redheaded brides to highlight their fiery locks.


It’s no coincidence that Louboutin’s have red soles or that red lipstick is considered a classic look—red is a color that is bold, bright, and eye-catching. Better yet, it complements almost every skin tone. You can be a vision of class and beauty in a red and white wedding dress that is both unique and romantic. Even if you don’t want a fully red bodice or train, imagine just a sliver of red in the folds of your otherwise white dress or red flowers detailing the edge of your train. A red and white wedding dress is an elevated and glamorous choice that is red carpet ready.


Be fearless and create your red and white wedding dress in San Diego today.