Blue Wedding Dress



Stressing about finding your something blue? Why not make it your wedding dress!


Blue is a universally flattering color due to its wide range of shades. You can keep it safe by wearing a light, pale blue or go bold with a royal blue. An important consideration that may have you jumping on the blue wedding dress train is that pale blue looks similar to white but would give your wedding dress a lot more personality and uniqueness.


If you’re looking to stand out but not go too crazy, a blue wedding dress is exactly what you’re looking for.



Not only does a blue wedding dress go perfectly with a beachside or nature-themed wedding, it is also reminiscent of everyone’s favorite princess, Cinderella. Her blue ballgown is iconic, and you can mimic her style on your big day. If you’re planning a fairytale themed wedding, a blue wedding dress would fall right in line.


Lastly, blue is a very calming color found everywhere in nature. In fact, psychologists have found that the color blue actually causes the body to produce calming chemicals. We all know weddings can be chaotic and stressful, so add some tranquility to your day by donning a universally soothing color. Besides, no color is too out-there for Jana Ana Bridal Couture. Your wish is our command. Visit our boutique in San Diego to find a dress that suits your taste rather than trying to suit your taste to an off-the-rack wedding dress.

Your blue wedding dress is waiting for you in San Diego.



Finding the Dress that Best Suits the Bride’s Character


In choosing a beach wedding dress, there are many things you have to take into consideration, of course, you’ll have to match the bride’s personality with the dress, a significant aspect of the whole ensemble. The fact that she planned out a beach wedding, it’s proof that the bride’s a free-wheeled eccentric woman. She should decide on a beach wedding dress that showcases her style, a semi-casual ensemble that’ll make her shine throughout the whole ceremony but at the same time accommodate the class and devotion of the entire ceremony.



Keep in mind the weather; the heat can be intense on the beach. It is advisable to use light, flowing fabrics for the beach wedding dress to make sure that the bride is comfortable during the whole ceremony and reception. If the temperature suddenly drops at night, providing a light jacket or shawl that matches the dress can be very practical to keep the bride snug.

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