Vintage Lace Wedding Dress

Romantic and flowing, a vintage lace wedding dress is the perfect addition to your retro inspired or rustic wedding. Lace dresses date back to the early 1500s, proving that this trend will never die out. Lace is a classic staple in wedding dress construction, and it can be dressed up or down, making it a sensible choice for for casual and extravagant weddings.


About Vintage Lace Wedding Dress


When you think about vintage lace, your mind might jump to those lace dollies you find everywhere in your grandmother’s house. But actually, vintage lace looks beautiful on contemporary designs, giving it a modern twist and breathing life into the material once again. As said before, lace will never go out of style. It’s all about finding that balance that you love between vintage and contemporary styles. The lace can act as the cohesive piece and bring the entire outfit together.


Lastly, vintage lace wedding dresses can bring about a sense of nostalgia to the scene, bridging the gap between generations. Lace is very easily repurposed, meaning you could even incorporate lace from your mother or grandmother’s wedding dress into your own. Lace is super feminine and delicate, so if these words describe you, you might want to give vintage lace wedding dresses a shot.


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