Sparkly Wedding Dress

Sparkly Wedding Dresses San Diego


Are you a girl whose motto is there’s no such thing as too much sparkle? Maybe you’ve been known to add glitter to your nails, your phone case, your shoes, and more! If you find yourself drawn to glitz and glam, or if you’ve owned a bedazzler at any point during your life, a sparkly wedding dress is calling your name. You know what people say—glitter is a girl’s best friend. We couldn’t agree more.


Sparkly wedding dresses are attention grabbing, which will make it hard for people to keep their eyes off you when you walk down the aisle. You might be hesitant to add sparkles to your wedding dress out of fear it would look juvenile, but there’s nothing more elegant than strategically placed sparkles that catch the light and make you look absolutely glowing. Accentuating that sparkle in your eyes or even your jewelry has never been easier. Sparkles command attention, and what bride doesn’t love attention on their big day?


You can add sparkles to the bodice or gown of the dress, depending on where you want people’s attention to be. A fully encrusted bodice screams glamor and opulence, while little flecks of sparkle woven into your tulle gown is more subtle and mysterious. You can choose what vibe to give off and what goes best with your overall theme and décor. Sometimes you just need a little sparkle in your life, and there’s no better day to add it in than your wedding day.

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