Plus Size Wedding Dresses

Plus Size Wedding Dresses San Diego


First time in Bridal Industry, a Bridal Designer making a full Collection just for Plus Size Brides. Jana Ann Couture launched 40 new designs for 2020, all collections specifically designed with all the latest trends.

Internationally well-known bridal designer Jana Ann says, “Size cannot limit your dreams.”


Jana Ann has been recognized and featured on TLC tv show for Curvy brides, her remarkable attention to detail of giving her plus size brides the best variety of wedding dresses, reminding them that there is no compromise that they’re dream dress is reality and it is done with so much love and impeccable workmanship along with the belief that size doesn’t matter.



In her mission of changing the industry standard of giving plus size the best and wide variety and trendy styles of wedding dresses to choose from, giving them full attention and making them shine more than ever before.

Jana Ann with her Engineering background as much as she gives importance to design and beauty, she has applied her engineering knowledge to build impeccable structure built in that brides over size 18 are two-three sizes down without having to wear bra, spanx, shapewear and additional undergarment. Incredible combination of comfort and function is her secret in building the structure in her dresses.


She has heard her plus size brides coming in disappointment from the lack of options that it has come to her attention to fully focus to fill this need to make a collection fully focused to her plus size brides, with her mission of body positivity, rooted in the belief that all human beings should have a positive body image, while challenging the ways in which society presents and views the physical body. She believes that no matter what size, shape and form with the right dress that is engineered and designed very well, every bride can be as equally stunning. Making every bride dreams come true one a dress at a time.


She strongly believes that there is no compromise to settle down on a dress because it fits the bride size, that equally every bride has to find a dress according to their personality.



Finding the dress for plus size brides could be very challenging as to there is not much variety that sometimes brides don’t have the choice but to settle down on the dress. It came to her attention to fill this void for her plus size brides that they are not limited, that they can find that wedding dress that fits their personality type; different styles for specific type of personality of a bride.


That is why there is always that perfect “Wedding Dress” finding the one that fits your personality is the most essential part in the whole bridal experience, it is very symbolic that it is something that Jana Ann has to offer, guiding you and helping you find the one that makes you feel the most beautiful, it is you it embodies your personality that represents YOU!


This is the biggest Plus Size Wedding Dress Collection in all of the bridal industry.

Jana Ann has a big social media following, sharing so much inspirational photos from her real brides.

Incredible five-star reviews from her wedding dress collection that has given her recognition of how she thoughtfully designs based on brides personality.


What You Want to Know
To Make Your Experience at Jana Ann Bridal Go Seamless

Your 60 to 90 minute shopping experience at Jana Ann will be hosted by a bridal stylist that will be dedicated solely to you and your bridal party. Your time with your stylist will include an initial consultation, chilled waters for everyone, and a designated try-on platform for you to show off your dress options to your bridal party. Your stylist will even pull veils and accessories to help you complete your look!

Scheduling an appointment at Jana Ann Couture is easily achieved in several different ways. We can be reached by phone at (619) 649‑2439. If a stylist is unable to answer the phone, then please feel free to leave a message and someone will return your call within 24 to 48 hours. We can be reached by email at or you can schedule an appointment directly on our website,


We don’t really offer these…

Though there are several things that brides can do to prepare themselves for a bridal appointment, which could be anything from wearing nude underwear to having any shapewear with them that they may intend to wear on the wedding day, to having their wedding shoes or having their hair and makeup similar to their wedding day look, none of these are absolutely necessary. The best thing any bride can do to prepare for their bridal appointment is to arrive about 5 to 10 minutes before their appointment time. This will allow the bride the ability to find parking and calmly locate the showroom. A rushed bride is a stressed bride, and that can make it hard to enjoy the experience.

Our dresses in our showroom can range from $800 to $3,500.

Typically, here at Jana Ann Couture, we sell our dresses as ready-to-purchase, meaning that they are available directly off-the-rack. However, the option to special order a gown in a standard size or to order a custom gown is available as well. Your bridal stylist can discuss with you which option is best based off of your budget and timeline.

As previously mentioned, the bulk of our dresses are available to purchase directly off-the-rack. This means that when you find the one, and say yes, your dress goes home with you that same day! If you are on a payment plan, going with custom sizing, or going fully custom, someone from the team will contact you when it is time to schedule pickup for your dress.

The alterations process can be an involved process, usually ranging from 2 to 4 fittings. So, for our in-town brides, we offer in-house alterations, which are always a separate cost from the dress. We like to be able to offer this to alleviate some of the stress of looking for a reliable and reputable seamstress, but our brides are always welcome to take their dress to whomever they feel most comfortable working with.

Though we do not offer gown cleaning and preservation, we can always help point you in the direction of a few places that do!