Open Back Wedding Dress

If you’re a more conservative bride that doesn’t want to show too much skin off on their wedding day, you might want to explore the option of an open back wedding dress. An open back wedding dress offers a nice middle ground between conservative and edgy, proving you can have your cake and eat it too. You can keep the front of the dress more covered up and have the back of the dress cut low or have it open. There are many options so that you feel comfortable on your wedding dress while remaining playful and flirty.


About Open Back Wedding Dress


Open back wedding dresses are becoming more and more popular not only for their style and versatility, but also for their practicality. Summer is wedding season, and for people who choose to host an outdoor wedding, scorching temperatures could leave you sweaty in layers of tulle. An open back wedding dress is breezy and will help keep your internal temperature under control. Open backed gowns also offer the element of surprise, acting as a detail that goes unnoticed until you walk past your guests. Some brides even consider the open-back as what “makes” the dress if they’ve chosen an otherwise classic look. Step up the back of your wedding dress by considering an open-back wedding dress.


You can even showcase your tattoos with an open back wedding dress. Most people that have tattoos love to show them off since they carry stories or meaning. An open back wedding dress means you can put them on display. Along the same lines, an open back wedding dress can highlight your favorite assets—including your back, torso, and derriere. If you’ve got it, flaunt it—am I right? Open back wedding dresses are for the contemporary bride that loves striking a balance between tradition and modernity.


Turn your dream open back wedding dress in San Diego into a reality.