Boho Lace Wedding Dress

We here at Jana Ana Bridal Couture can’t think of anything that goes better together than boho and lace. There is no shortage of bohemian lace tops and dresses at music festivals and shops across the country, proving it is a winning combination. Why not bring that breezy and carefree feel to your wedding? It’s a natural choice for bohemian brides that want to exude cool, calm, and class on their wedding day.

Bohemian lace is a completely different beast from the lace designs of the past and lace dollies that were popular in your grandmother’s era. Bohemian lace is less “tight” and more spread out with larger, floral patterns. While still intricate, bohemian lace is not as clustered and often sits on top of a light tulle layer that is placed on top of a base layer. These two layers will add a delicacy to your overall look.


About Boho Lace Wedding Dress​


The point of bohemian lace is not to add weight onto your dress but take it away, so you look more airy and feather-light. Bohemian lace pairs well with cream and off-white dresses to make you look like you’ve stepped out of a fairy-tale and into the real world. You’ll look nothing like a lace tablecloth and more like a gypsy princess.

The fashion world has embraced bohemian culture and so should you! While this style might have been considered alternative in the past, it has been fully integrated into the mainstream. If you’re a secret bohemian queen, you can come out of the shadows and wear your wedding dress with pride.


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