The importance of not waiting to shop for a plus-sized wedding dress

The importance of not waiting to shop for a plus-sized wedding dress

The importance of not waiting to shop for a plus-sized wedding dress. Mobile Image

The importance of not waiting to shop for a plus-sized wedding dress


So, he finally popped the question and now, you have a million ideas racing through your mind. From shopping for wedding dresses to picking out the cake to whether you want a live band, there is so much to do before your big day.

Planning a wedding – even if you pay someone to do it for you – is one of the most stressful events of your life. It can be even more stressful for plus-sized brides-to-be as they search high and low for the perfect dress.


A majority of plus-sized brides all have the same problem and that is finding a dress that not only looks great, but fits. A lot of bridal boutiques will offer the latest trendy dresses, but won’t have one in a size 18 or above. Women are then forced to select a traditional dress that fits. When this occurs, they give up a great looking dress merely for one that fits.


This doesn’t have to happen, however. Famed plus-sized wedding dress designer, Jana Ann, is one individual bucking the trend by creating beautiful looking, trendy wedding dresses for plus-sized women. According to Ann, plus-sized women want fashionable wedding dresses and do not want to be limited by choice.

Ann points out that women shouldn’t wait to shop for a wedding dress. Plus-sized brides may put off the shopping experience because it is simply too difficult. They may feel that they are not treated the same way as smaller sized brides. In addition, some women believe they will lose a significant amount of weight before the wedding, allowing them to fit into a smaller dress.


According to wedding industry experts, putting off the purchase of a wedding dress in hopes of losing enough weight to buy a smaller size is a recipe for disaster. For one, brides-to-be should be on the wedding dress hunt shortly after they get engaged. Wedding dress designers claim that women should purchase their wedding dress between eight and 12 months prior to their wedding. If any weight is then lost, the dress can be altered before the wedding.


Plus-sized brides, and brides in general, are often nervous during the wedding dress fitting process. In all cases, the nervousness is unnecessary. Women shouldn’t be afraid of the mirror during a fitting. Putting off the fitting and purchasing of a wedding dress, however, should send the nerves skyrocketing.

Ann claims that brides limit their dress options by waiting to buy their dress. Moreover, the chance to have the dress altered is cut short. A bride may not receive all the alterations needed if their wedding day is just around the corner and the dress hasn’t been shipped.


When in doubt over a dress, brides can always rely on a wedding dress boutique consultant. In many cases, these individuals have seen thousands of brides-to-be try on dresses and know the latest fashions. They can help a bride find the right dress. According to Ann, she doesn’t want a bride-to-be to come into her San Diego boutique and not try on the dress of their dreams. Having a boutique and consultant like Ann can make all the difference in the world to a plus-sized bride. 


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