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Choosing Your Wedding Dress According to Your Body Type

As a bride, you should look your best on your wedding day. That’s what we aim for here at Jana Ann Couture. We believe that your wedding day is exceptional, and as such, you should look great.

One way to look great on your wedding day is by making sure your make up is done by a professional. Your accessories should also be of top quality. Most of all, you need the right wedding dress. As a bridal store in San Diego, we’ll be talking about getting the right wedding dress in this post. We have lots of experience with that.

When choosing the right wedding dress, you should go with the one that flatters your figure the most. How do you do that? You need to, first of all, know your body type. Every woman falls into one of the following body types:

The apple, hourglass, pear, and the rectangle. Some women could also be a combination of more than one, but there is usually a dominant one you could go with.

If at this point it feels like we’re speaking French, then this article for you. We’ll explain in more detail what we mean below. You’ll also find some tips on what kind of dress works for you based on your body type. If you’re ready, then so are we. Read on to find out more. 


The Apple Body Type

A woman with an apple-shaped body has shoulders that are broader than her hips. A celebrity with this body type is Angelina Jolie. Most women with this body type don’t have a waistline that is too well defined.

If this is your body type, go for a wedding dress with a V neck. The dress should flow down from under your bust and expand at your waist. It will draw attention to your figure and give you the perfect elongated look. If you can get a dress with a bias cut, it would also be ideal.


The Hourglass Body Type

Most women with hourglass body types don’t need to be told. They already know. Nicki Minaj is a famous star with this body type. Your body characteristics are a narrow waist and the same bust and hip measurements. The best wedding dress to go for is one that draws attention to your well-defined waist. Wrap dresses, gowns with V Necks, and low skimming necklines would work best for you.


The Pear Body Type

If your body is pear-shaped, your waist will be wider than your bust. Beyoncé is a famous pop star we’ve seen with this body type. People with pear-shaped bodies also have a shoulder that seems narrower when compared to their hips.

An A-line wedding dress is what would work best for you if this is your body type. A dress with a tulip skirt would also be perfect. Just make sure your dress has more details at the top for a more balanced look.


The Rectangle Body Type

People with a rectangle body type are not incredibly curvy. Their hip and shoulder measurements are also nearly the same. Gwen Stefani is a famous star with this body type.

If this is your body type, go for a dress that gives you curves. Dresses with scoop necks, ruffles, and frills will also bring out your femininity. Please feel free to book a virtual appointment with us here at Jana Ann Couture with the above tips in hand. We carry dresses of all sizes, shapes, fabrics, and styles. We can also customize the dress to your tastes. Contact us today!