How to Choose a Wedding Dress Suitable for Body Type?

How to Choose a Wedding Dress Suitable for Body Type?

How to Choose a Wedding Dress Suitable for Body Type?. Mobile Image

You don’t need to look anywhere for the secret to looking gorgeous on your wedding day. The whole business starts with the selection of wedding dresses suitable for the body type. If you know your body type and choose the areas you need to highlight, you can be a perfect bride. So, how to understand body type? Which wedding dress suits which body type? We told it all!


“What is body type?” The answer to the question is the shape and structure of your body. Here we will tell you about all body types and you will more or less understand which one you belong to. For example, “What is a pear body type?”, “How should a wedding dress be worn with a rectangular body type?”, “Who are the celebrities with an hourglass body type?”, “What are the ideal measurements for an apple body type?” You will find the answer to every question that comes to your mind in detailed explanations. When you decide on the wedding dress model suitable for your body type, you can get a price quote for the wedding dresses you like by examining the designs of the wedding dress companies in your city.


Let’s start by choosing the body type! Pear, rectangle, apple, hourglass, inverted triangle… So which one is your body type?



How to Choose a Wedding Dress According to Pear Body Type?


Normal or small breasts, thin waist and wide hips are the characteristics of the pear body type. Also known as triangular body type. If you have a pear body type, the place to emphasize is definitely your slim waist.



Wedding dresses with a skirt cut that suits you are indisputably A-line wedding dresses. You can camouflage your wide hips and highlight your slim waist with wedding dresses with this skirt cut.



If you want to swing like a princess, you can also choose princess wedding dresses. We recommend boat neck wedding dresses to proportion your hips and shoulders, but let’s not forget that deep V-necklines look very nice on women with small breasts.


How to Choose a Wedding Dress According to Hourglass Body Type?

It is the embodiment of the phrase like the hourglass body type model, whose dimensions are 90-60-90. Although hourglass body measurements are not always so perfect, they must be proportionate. The most wonderful feature of this body structure is that it can comfortably carry every wedding dress model.



For example, fish wedding dresses are designed for hourglass body type. That’s why we recommend you wedding dresses in full or half fish form.



How to Choose a Wedding Dress According to Apple Body Type?

If your breasts are full, your waist is thick, your hips are straight and your legs are thin, your body shape is apple body type.



We recommend bridesmaid dresses with slits to draw attention to the leg area for brides with this body type.

We recommend low-cut wedding dresses for full-breasted brides to make their breasts appear smaller. The most ideal models for this are V-neck wedding dresses. Bridal gowns with closed necklines such as bicycle, judge, halter are among the models that brides-to-be with this body type should stay away from. Of course, you should not forget that movable designs with lace or embroideries on the top will make your breasts look bigger than they are!



We can count straight cut wedding dresses and A cut wedding dresses as the savior wedding dresses of this body type.

How to Choose a Wedding Dress According to Rectangular Body Type?

The most distinctive feature of the rectangular body type, also known as the straight or banana body type, is the straight, straight descent of the chest, waist and hips.



With this body type, which bride candidates have less curved or straight waist region, we mostly associate straight cut wedding dress models. Two-piece wedding dresses are suitable options to make your waist area look slimmer and curvier. Straight cut wedding dresses with a belt on the waist will also bring the body lines closer to the hourglass body type.



How to Choose a Wedding Dress According to Inverted Triangle Body Type?

The most distinctive feature of the inverted triangle body type, also called “athletic body type”, “swimmer physique” or “strawberry body type”, is broad shoulders, a normal waist, long legs and narrow hips.



The important thing when choosing a wedding dress according to this body type is to create a balanced look between the lower body, the hips and the shoulders. For example; If you are going to highlight your shoulders by wearing a strapless neckline wedding dress, you can choose A or princess cut among the bridal skirt cuts. Thus, you give volume to the lower part of your body. Let’s also say that halter necklines are among the bridal collar types that women with inverted triangle body type can choose to highlight their strong shoulders.



If you do not want to draw attention to your shoulders, you can also choose deep U and V-necklines. This way, you can push your shoulders back by highlighting your breasts. You can create an illusion that will bring your body lines closer to an hourglass with thick straps and V-neck A-cut wedding dresses.

You can draw attention to the lower part of your body by highlighting your legs with asymmetrical, slit, A and princess skirt designs.


A Few Tips on Choosing a Wedding Dress by Body Type

  • With the collar type of your wedding dress, you can create an illusion on your chest and shoulders. You can choose V-neck wedding dresses to make your big breasts look smaller, and boat-neck models to make your narrow shoulders look wider…
  • You can also use the sleeve model of your wedding dress to create a balanced look. For example; If you want to highlight your upper body, you can consider short sleeve wedding dresses to narrow your shoulders.
  • If you have a shaped back, a thin waist and a smooth skin, you can choose open back wedding dresses instead of a design with a low-cut leg or chest. Because bridal gowns with a low-cut back are most suitable for women who have such a physique. This model, which creates a remarkable effect on tall bride candidates, will also help brides with short stature to appear longer.

How Are Wedding Dress Models for Weak Brides?

If you’re wondering how to dress for bridal dresses for those who are thinner than usual, don’t worry, we have suggestions for you too!

First of all, like every bride-to-be, you need to know your body measurements and pay attention to your proportions. The width of your shoulders, the size of your breasts, the thinness of your waist and the width of your hips and the length of your legs are the criteria you should consider when determining your body type.

After getting to know your body, you can evaluate wedding dress models that will add volume to it and make it more flamboyant. At the beginning of the wedding dresses that are suitable for you, there are Japanese neckline wedding dresses that not every bride can easily wear. Because these collar types are ideal for slim bride candidates. It makes your upper body look thicker than it is.

When deciding on the wedding dress model, we recommend that you choose voluminous wedding dresses so that you look fuller than you do. Wedding dresses with a tartan, princess skirt cut can create the flamboyant silhouette you want. 3D wedding dress models will help you look fat as they are models with shoulder details or embroidered stones. You can also use fluffy veils and flashy accessories.

Let’s not go without mentioning the wedding dress models that we recommend you to stay away from. You can choose from bridal dresses that hug your body and make you look slimmer. It is beneficial not to choose narrow cut wedding dresses such as fish wedding dresses. You can also choose models without a field, less fluffy, from your options.



How Should Overweight Brides Choose Wedding Dresses?

Wedding dress selection may be the most difficult process for overweight brides in the wedding preparation process. But you should know that; With a correctly chosen wedding dress, you can easily hide the areas where you have excesses and be a glamorous bride. If you’re wondering how fishy women should wear a wedding dress, let’s briefly explain:

First of all, let’s say that wedding dress models for overweight people start from size 42 and continue up to size 62. In other words, you can find a plus size wedding dress model in any size according to your body.

When choosing a plus size wedding dress, you should not forget that frilly, ruffled, princess cut fluffy wedding dresses and full mermaid wedding dresses that hug your body will make you look fatter than you are. You can use asymmetrical details to camouflage your excesses. Satin and tulle fabrics can also be suitable for a loose and flowing wedding dress. You should avoid big and flashy accessories.



Overweight bride candidates can also choose their wedding dress by determining which of the 5 body types we mentioned is closest to them. For example; straight cut of wedding dresses for overweight brides with a rectangular body type; For women with pear body type, we can say that there are A-cut plus size designs. Wedding dresses for overweight people with hourglass body type will be half fish designs instead of fish cut models.

Of course, while talking about wedding dress models for fishy people, let’s give you some tips you may need to camouflage their excess. For example; You can use a corset to make your waist look thin, or if you think your arms are thick, you can choose your wedding dress with sleeves and use tulle or chiffon details on the sleeve.



How Should a Wedding Dress Be Chosen for Short People?

Let’s come to the short, petite bride candidates… If you are wondering how short people should wear a wedding dress, let’s talk about a few points that you should pay attention to. First of all, we recommend that you choose simple wedding dresses that do not have many details, less fluff. It is also useful to avoid accessories that will make you look shorter than you are, such as a hat, thick and short veil.

One of the questions that the bride candidates who are investigating how short women should wear wedding dresses are most curious about the answer is whether a princess wedding dress model will be suitable for short women. Fluffy skirt models like princess cut will make you look shorter than you are. For this reason, it would be more correct to turn to bridal dresses that show longer length, such as a slightly puffy A cut.

Short brides should prefer a high-waisted wedding dress, such as gowns with a yoke. This way, the leg length will appear longer. Our recommendation for bridal dresses for petite types, whose body structure is proportional, short and thin, will be fish bridal gowns. You can look very elegant in a mermaid wedding dress with high-heeled shoes!

Another tip that will help short people when choosing a wedding dress is about the collar type of the model. Instead of wearing a strapless wedding dress, we recommend V-neck designs. Because this choice will make the neck area look long and attractive. You can also consider strappy wedding dresses. However, it is also important that you prefer thin hangers instead of thick ones.



Choosing Your Wedding Dress According to Your Body Type

As a bride, you should look your best on your wedding day. That’s what we aim for here at Jana Ann Couture. We believe that your wedding day is exceptional, and as such, you should look great.

One way to look great on your wedding day is by making sure your make up is done by a professional. Your accessories should also be of top quality. Most of all, you need the right wedding dress. As a bridal store in San Diego, we’ll be talking about getting the right wedding dress in this post. We have lots of experience with that.

When choosing the right wedding dress, you should go with the one that flatters your figure the most. How do you do that? You need to, first of all, know your body type. Every woman falls into one of the following body types:

The apple, hourglass, pear, and the rectangle. Some women could also be a combination of more than one, but there is usually a dominant one you could go with.

If at this point it feels like we’re speaking French, then this article for you. We’ll explain in more detail what we mean below. You’ll also find some tips on what kind of dress works for you based on your body type. If you’re ready, then so are we. Read on to find out more. 


The Apple Body Type

A woman with an apple-shaped body has shoulders that are broader than her hips. A celebrity with this body type is Angelina Jolie. Most women with this body type don’t have a waistline that is too well defined.

If this is your body type, go for a wedding dress with a V neck. The dress should flow down from under your bust and expand at your waist. It will draw attention to your figure and give you the perfect elongated look. If you can get a dress with a bias cut, it would also be ideal.


The Hourglass Body Type

Most women with hourglass body types don’t need to be told. They already know. Nicki Minaj is a famous star with this body type. Your body characteristics are a narrow waist and the same bust and hip measurements. The best wedding dress to go for is one that draws attention to your well-defined waist. Wrap dresses, gowns with V Necks, and low skimming necklines would work best for you.


The Pear Body Type

If your body is pear-shaped, your waist will be wider than your bust. Beyoncé is a famous pop star we’ve seen with this body type. People with pear-shaped bodies also have a shoulder that seems narrower when compared to their hips.

An A-line wedding dress is what would work best for you if this is your body type. A dress with a tulip skirt would also be perfect. Just make sure your dress has more details at the top for a more balanced look.


The Rectangle Body Type

People with a rectangle body type are not incredibly curvy. Their hip and shoulder measurements are also nearly the same. Gwen Stefani is a famous star with this body type.

If this is your body type, go for a dress that gives you curves. Dresses with scoop necks, ruffles, and frills will also bring out your femininity. Please feel free to book a virtual appointment with us here at Jana Ann Couture with the above tips in hand. We carry dresses of all sizes, shapes, fabrics, and styles. We can also customize the dress to your tastes. Contact us today!