How to Become the Fantasy Bride of your Dreams?

How to Become the Fantasy Bride of your Dreams?

How to Become the Fantasy Bride of your Dreams?. Mobile Image

When it comes to wedding planning, your theme is one of the most important details for helping you set up a clear concept and to bring in elements of your own personality and style. One of my personal favorite concepts I’ve seen a handful of brides come in with lately, is a fairytale or fantasy genre. Think weddings that make you feel like you’ve stepped into the world of Pride & Prejudice, Bridgerton or even Lord of the Rings. Using references like these, can help bring that vision to life in the planning process.  

Your dress is one of the most essential ways to portray that theme. When it comes to the details of the dress, there are a few key elements that really help set you apart from the rest.



Your silhouette can truly make or break what kind of vision you want to portray. For most of my fantasy brides we want to look for a soft flowing A-line dress. Think of fabrics like chiffon or silk to give a sleek and flowing feeling that will make you want to run though a field of flowers. 




Now of course sleeves are a personal preference, you either love them or hate them, but a bishop sleeve or a detachable puff sleeve are a great detail to have on a dress to truly capture that regal vibe. 



Nature is a huge element for a fantasy theme. Anything from 3-D floral appliqué to full floral lace dresses make that vision come to life.




Bringing in a touch of color can soften your look and lean towards your theme. Blush colored linings or a splash of color in your appliqué such as green toned leaves or colored petals make for a beautiful dress.

Now above all your dress should feel like an extension of you, and creating a vision that brings that to life is what we strive to do. We have tons of styles in our showroom that already meet the expectations of our fairytale fantasy brides but if you have a very specific vision in mind we are always excited to bring you along on our custom dress process and help bring your dreams to life. I can’t wait to have you in our showroom to help make you the beautiful bride you dream to be.


In the enchanting journey of becoming the fantasy bride of your dreams, every detail holds the key to transforming your wedding into a fairytale spectacle. From the ethereal silhouette that captures the essence of romance to the intricate details like sleeves reminiscent of royalty and the flourishing florals that echo the beauty of nature, each element plays a vital role. At Jana Ann Couture Bridal, we understand that your wedding dress is more than just attire – it’s an extension of your unique personality and dreams