Custom Wedding Dresses: Choosing the Right Color

Custom Wedding Dresses: Choosing the Right Color

Custom Wedding Dresses: Choosing the Right Color. Mobile Image

Many brides are surprised to find that the color of their custom wedding dress is important. Gone are the days when people wore white dresses and just got things over with. Choosing the right color is important if you want to look your best on your wedding day.


You see, the color of your wedding dress can beautifully enhance your overall complexion and look. This affects how your wedding pictures come out. The perfect dress should make your skin glow and complete the beauty of your photos.


Your wedding season could also influence the color you choose for your custom wedding dress. Subtle changes like these can make such a big improvement to your overall wedding aesthetic. Here are some things to remember when choosing the right color for custom wedding dresses San Diego.


Your Skin Undertone

As a bride, one big mistake to avoid is choosing a dress color that does not suit your skin’s undertone. Please note that your skin undertone is very different from your complexion. While your complexion is very apparent to the eyes, you can only determine your skin’s undertone by taking a deeper look.

Skin complexion can be dark, olive, fair, etc. On the other hand, skin undertones are either warm, cool, or balanced. What this means is that people of the same complexion could end up having different undertones. A dress that looks good on someone of your complexion might look different on you because of undertone differences!


How to Determine Your Skin Undertone

The vein method is a great way to know your skin’s undertone. To use this method, you need

to find an indirect but natural light source, for example, your window. Then look at the color of the veins on the inside of the middle of your underarm.

Please note that looking at the veins on your wrists will not give you the answer, as these are the same for everyone. The right location is about halfway between your hand and your elbow. You might have to pull back your skin a little to expose your vein if you don’t see it at first.

You have a warm undertone if your veins appear greenish or yellowish. If they look blue or purple blue, then your undertone is cool. You have a neutral undertone if you can’t tell, or they look dark or brown. Skin undertone remains the same even when you are tanned.


The Best Custom Wedding Dress Color for Warm Undertone

If you have a warm skin undertone, cooler and neutral colors are what complement you best. These include off-white, pure white, blues, mauve, champagne, and grey. Greens, purples, and stark blacks might not look so good and so should be avoided.


The Best Custom Wedding Dress Color for Cool Undertone

If you have a cool undertone, ivory, cream, champagne, nude, silver, charcoal, and navy work for you. Softs or pastels like blush, mint, and lilac will also complement your skin. You would, however, do well to avoid earthy olives, browns, bright yellow, and beige.


The Best Custom Wedding Dress Color for Neutral Undertone

If you have a neutral undertone, hurray for you. You can pull off all colors. However, some experts advise avoiding chocolate brown and navy.


Your Wedding Season

Seasons and months also have colors that work great for them. So, matching your bridal look to the month or season in which you plan to get married can help you choose. Here are the months of the year and the colors that work best with them based on the season. Remember to keep your undertone in mind when choosing.


Jan: Metallics, icy shades of blue, gray, and dark blue work for January. You could also work with lilac, emerald, burgundy, and plum.

Feb: For February, think reds, pinks, purples, and gold. You could also try shades of Burgundy.

Mar: March is the month for blue, yellow, and shades of green.

Apr: Green, yellow and blue also work for April, as do lovely rose shades.

May: For May, we advise brides to go for pastels and brighter hues. Pinks, purples, yellows, blues, and greens look gorgeous in this month.

Jun: June is for aqua colors of green and blue. Purple, shades of pink, and yellow would also look wonderful.

Jul: You can wear any shade of blue alongside pink, coral, and peach in July.

Aug: August is the one month where almost anything goes.

Sept: In September, Navy, gold, teal, plum, and gray are what works best. You can wear burgundy or blush too.

Oct: October is where you can introduce earthy tones of green. Along with reds, oranges, copper, yellows, dusty mauve, and gold. Such rich colors!

Nov: In November, warm shades of red are the order of the day. Yellow, gold burgundy and navy also work.

Dec: While in December, any shade of green or red will complement the season. Gold and silver would look good too. It’s why these colors are popular during Christmas! Your Wedding Theme


Have you decided on a theme for your wedding? Doing so could help to make your wedding planning easier. It could also help brides when it comes to choosing a color for their custom wedding dresses. Here are some popular wedding themes and colors that work well with Them.


Beach: For a beach wedding theme, sea green, blue, and turquoise which are sea or ocean colors look great. Gold also works really well.

Boho: Boho weddings are known for their warm, earthy tones. Red, yellow, orange, and pink looks great at these weddings.

Classic: Are you planning a classic wedding? Blue, green, and white should be your go-to Colors.

Fairytale: Pink, gold, and silver are wonderful colors for a fairytale-themed wedding.

Garden: If you’re having a garden-themed wedding, any flower colors work.

Glamorous: Sparkling fabrics and metallics will look wonderful if you’re having a glamorous wedding. Purples, reds, and dark blues also work.

Modern: Modern weddings benefit from a stark mix of colors like black and white. Gold and silver are also great choices. Bright reds and shades of gray can be really beautiful too.

Romantic: Reds and pinks work really well for romantic weddings. Burgundy and pinks with gold accents could also look really good.

Rustic: If you’re having a rustic wedding, then colors to consider include moss green, sage, coral, rust, peach, and golden yellow. Burgundy and blush also work.

Vintage: Vintage weddings can be really beautiful when you use violets, dusty blue, pink, gold, lemon, or gray. Just picture the Bridgerton vibe, and you’ll get the picture.


In Conclusion

Choosing a color for your custom wedding dress, most of all, depends on what you want as a bride. The goal is always to go for a dress you will feel and look great in. Colored wedding dresses are wonderful options. You could also choose to wear white and work with these other colors for your bridesmaids. Best of luck!