Plus Size Wedding Dresses

The Mermaid Wedding Silhouette gives the very fitted, skin-hugging beautiful appearance you can ever think of. Its flares seep out beautifully just below the knee. As conceived from the movies and mythical stories, mermaids are beautiful half human and half sea creatures and a considerable number of people in one lifetime have spent quite a long time wandering and wondering how to look just so perfect.

No more worries, Jana Ann has you, firmly secured in thoughts. Just the way you like it.

Due to the Mermaid Silhouette’s figure hugging, fitted design, it is one of the best options a curvy-shaped bride may want to give a shot. It gives a glamorous and flirtatious look, which invariably increases the confidence of the bride. The Mermaid Silhouette gives a dreamy outlook and trust us, the bespoke beauty you’ve always talked about.

If you have got any natural flaw you are not confident with, pulling off this beautiful Mermaid Silhouette would be utterly impossible. Except of course, you trust us to make it customized, just for you.

Became of how the Mermaid Silhouette flares out at just below the knee to the hem, it gives a sexy look and brings to limelight every bit of the curves and shape of the body. This beautifully contoured Silhouette is fitted to the extreme. It’s flares trailing to the back side creates a mermaid tail’s lookalike which invariably makes it look a little too extravagant. Well, extravagant is good! The length of this tail, modified to the bride’s taste makes the Mermaid Silhouette look a little too perfect. The tail can be laced or beaded or both can be done to give the desired alluring looks.

The Mermaid Silhouette must be modified considering body type or size and most importantly, comfortability in mobility. Every bride loves to take the first walk around hand in hands with her groomed prince charming, to say a word or two of thanks to guests and other well wisjers who came to celebrate the special day with them. As such, you may like to look into other silhouettes which allows for a better ease at moving around and if you insist on a Mermaid Silhouette, all you have to do is contact us.

One appointment with us, a little adjustment here and there, and you’re all perfectly fixed for your once in a lifetime till forever day. We are always at your service, ensuring you have the most perfect wedding day.